Bucket List– a work in progress

Thinking about A Walk to Remember today, I was thinking about how Jamie Sullivan made her own bucket list from a young age of things she wanted to accomplish before she died. Most of hers weren’t out of this world ideas… they where attainable. I want to do that too. I’ve mentally added things to my theoretical bucket list, but now I am going to make one that is real. Here we go.

1. Swim with manatees
2. See Niagara Falls from the Canada side.
3. See a show on Broadway.
4. Go to the Stars Hollow set.
5. Take a road trip.
6. Be in the audience during the taping of a talk show.
7. Go snorkeling.
8. Learn to play the piano.
9. Write a book/ memoir
10. Adopt an animal from the zoo. (Sponsor)
11. Adopt an animal from the animal shelter.
12. Go ballroom dancing
13. Learn the rules of football.
14. Learn to play euchre… again.
15. Get married to the man of my dreams.
16. Ride all the way around I-270 just because.
17. Witness a meteor shower.
18. Bake cupcakes for a stranger.
19. Ring the Salvation army bell.
20. Pray in front of a large group of people.
21. Read all of the Harry Potter books.
22. Go through the Chunnel.
23. Choreograph a musical.
24. Go to New York at Christmastime.
25. Own a pair of Ray Bans.
26. Send a card to a friend once a week for a whole year (52 cards)
27. Go to the 4 corners.
28. Make some kind of sculpture/pottery
29. See the Pacific Ocean..
30. See the Mona Lisa in person.
31. Go to Germany (see Anne Frank’s house, Auschwitz, and drive/ride on the Autobahn).
32. Go back to Italy.
33. Teach my children Sign Language.
34.  Adopt a child.
35. Sponsor another child through World Vision.
36. Plant a tree and see it grow to full height
37. Buy a full cart of groceries for a stranger.
38. Be a part of a hospital ministry for children with illnesses.
39. See the arch in St. Louis, MO.

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