Tomorrow is the big day..


Tomorrow is the day that I, along with 47 others, will be headed to Italy for the trip of a lifetime. We will be studying art, architecture, fashion, and religion. And I am so pumped. I’ve been back at the Naz for a week now and let me just say it’s been the LONGEST week of my life. Seriously. And tonight has been EXCEPTIONALLY SLOW.

If you’re curious about where we’re headed, well wonder no more!

Day 1: January 11th- Depart from the USA
Day 2: January 12th- Arrive In Italy: Milan & Venice
Day 3: January 13th-Venice
Day 4:January 14th- Venice, Ferrara, & Florence
Day 5: January 15th-Florence
Day 6: January 16th-Florence, Assisi, & Rome
Day 7: January 17th-Rome
Day 8: January 18th-Rome
Day 9: January 19th-Rome
Day 10:January 20th-Rome, Pompeii, & Sorrento
Day 11: January 21st-Sorrento, Reggio Calabria, Messia, & Taormina
Day 12: January 22nd-Taormina, Siracusa, & Taormina (again)
Day 13: January 23rd-Taormina & Palermo
Day 14:January 24th-Depart for the US


Please be praying for safe travels for me and my friends. And please pray that we are the hands and feet of the Lord to all the people we encounter!

Peace out! Next time you hear from me, I’ll be a world traveler!

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