Good Things Ahead. :)

As of today, there are 52 days until summer. 🙂

What a way to start a blog, huh? 🙂

When I first started this blog, I had intended on updating at least once a week; however, circumstances  (and laziness) have made it once a month. Which, in all reality, is probably a better idea, since there are some weeks that would be boring to write about and certainly boring to read about.

Since my last post, things in life have been pretty exciting.

First of all, I dropped a class. That doesn’t sound TOO exciting to you, but the outcome of it is what makes me excited! I dropped this class due to the fact that the professor was not willing to work with me to reschedule an exam that I knew that I would miss 2 months before the exam even took place. The big problem is that the only grades that he has in his class are the exams, so missing just 1 exam would be SEVERELY detrimental to my grade. So I dropped the class on a Thursday. The following day (a Friday,) I opened an email that was sent out to the entire campus concerning J-Term 2012. This email talked about the option to travel to Italy to take a class that would count for the credits for the class that I had just dropped not even 24 hours before. Isn’t that awesome? Needless to say, I was psyched. I called my parents, who both thought it was a great opportunity. So now, January 10-24 of 2012, I will be traveling all around Italy, studying Art and Architecture of Modern Italy. :)If you want, you can check out the trip at It will be a great trip, traveling to Rome, Sicily, Venice, Florence, Assisi, Taormina, and many other places seeing great sights such as the Colosseum, the Sistine Chapel, St. Mark’s Basilica, the Catacombs, and even ride on a gondola in the canals of Venice! Plus MUCH MUCH MORE! This is going to be such a wonderful trip. I can hardly contain my excitement. 🙂

The reason that I would’ve had to miss the aforementioned exam in the class that I dropped is because my family is planning a trip to Washington DC! 🙂 Mom, Dad, Andrew, and I are heading to DC from April 19-23rd. 🙂 None of us have ever been there, and we haven’t gone on a family vacation since 2007. I am pretty stoked, but I think half the reason I am excited to go is because I LOVE airports and traveling and subways and trains. 🙂 We are leaving Columbus and landing in Baltimore and the girls in my apartment say I have to sing “Good Morning Baltimore” from Hairspray as soon as I get off the plane. 🙂 They even joked that I should dress up like her! Haha–don’t tempt me.

I am excited to see the original ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz and to visit the Holocaust Museum and to take a tour of the Capitol Building and to see the White House AND to hang out in my hotel (which has an escalator in it!)

This past week was my Spring Break. I spent it sleeping in, hanging out with my family, seeing old friends, and chilling on the couch. While I definitely could have gone somewhere, I am very thankful that I had the option to just sleep and relax. I really needed it. 🙂 and I wouldn’t have traded my time with Gannin and Ryleigh for the WORLD!

Speaking of the niece and nephew, my sister is pregnant again with ANOTHER baby boy! We’re pretty excited! His name will be Ethan Andrew Graves and he is due to enter our lives around the first week of August. 🙂 I love that our family keeps growing, but I’m sad that they won’t have any cousins their age. 😦 Because Lord knows I am NOT having babies any time soon and Andrew isn’t dating anyone. Haha. But I kind of like the fact that Ry, Gannin, and Ethan get all of our attention for the time being. My kids will have their time, but it may not be for a few years. 🙂

I just checked on my mid-term grades, and right now, my lowest grade is a C+, which is crazy,  because as a science major, that would’ve probably been my highest grade. I love this major, and i am excited for the future.
This summer, I will be working at the Lake again, which I am actually pretty excited about. It’s a good job, plus my boss just told me that we got a $.25 raise! And it’s an easy and fun job! I love it. 🙂

Okay, well I think I’ve written enough. I’m sure there will be another update during/after my trip to DC.Until then, peace & love.

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