Campaign for Real Beauty

Today in Chapel, TK talked about how Dove has the Campaign for Real Beauty, but that sometimes it’s hard to buy into that when the same company also sells sex appeal and “what is hott?” in its other products.

And if you know ANYTHING about me, you know that I am an advocate of women feeling beautiful and OWNING it and knowing the value of who they are.

So today, I am starting my own Campaign for Real Beauty.

What does this consist of?
Actually, it’s pretty simple. I’ve made a list for myself that I am going to wake up to every day.  Here’s what my list entails:

1. Thank God for the night and for the day and for creating me for His pleasure.
2. Look in the mirror BEFORE you brush your teeth and say “I am a beautiful creation of God because He created me in His image. God is beauty, therefore I am beautiful.”
3.  Look at my makeup and answer this question:  “Today, am I going to wear makeup to impress someone else or to feel better about myself?” If it’s the 1st answer, I will not wear makeup that day. If it’s the 2nd answer, I will.
4. Wear something that makes me feel fabulous. I’m not saying sweatpants are the devil, because there are days when they’re definitely a Godsend. But on the days that I wake up in enough time to spend some on myself, I want to feel great.
5. Go back to the mirror before you leave and say (out loud) ” I am BEAUTIFUL.” And believe it.


Some days, it’s SO HARD for girls to feel beautiful because we’ve been told from day 1 that beauty is conditional. But it’s NOT. Beauty is Love. Beauty is treating people with respect. Beauty is Owning who you are and being proud of the woman you’ve turned out to be. Beauty is respecting your body enough to take care of it.

So tonight I’m going to challenge you: What does beauty look like to you? I encourage you to make your own list and be proud of who you are. Wake up each day with the knowledge that you ARE beautiful. Own your beauty, because God created you to be beauty, not just the girls on TV or in the magazines. YOU. So OWN IT!


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3 Responses to Campaign for Real Beauty

  1. Cayla says:

    This is really good, jus sayin. And, you definitely are beautiful!! 🙂

    –what is this page anyway?? A blog of some sort? I’ve never heard of it…

    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • abby2009 says:

      Cayla! Good to hear from you! This is my personal blog! 🙂 I try to update it fairly regularly. 🙂 It’s like an online journal.

  2. Cayla says:

    Hmm… that’s nice.. I have another one on another site, but nobody ever looks at it.. I feel like it’s useless.. lol

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