Satan at Work.

This past week has been one of Satan trying to pull me down.  It’s ironic because my last post was about how I was so radiantly happy. I guess I knew this would come, because the Bible tells us that there WILL be mountains, and there will also be valleys. This week was definitely a valley.

I am starting to come to terms with my insecurities.

I fall too fast. And am continually disappointed.

Question: Can guys really fall for girls who aren’t super skinny? Like good, Christian men? Can it happen? Or is it only a reality on Hairspray?

I don’t have  anything wise to say to end this post. I just needed to vent I guess. Satan’s still working on me right now. Please pray? I need to be lifted up. I’m trying.  I’ve taken many steps toward healing this week. I started off the day with newfound happiness and determination. It’s ending with disappointment and despair. I’m praying, and I’m trusting you are too, whoever you are.

I know there’s hope.

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