I was looking over old entries in my journal when I came across this one… It was penned On March 8th of this year.

“God is really at work in my life right now but I really need to be more open to it. Sometimes I try to do everything on my own and it’s always a lot harder that way. Why do I think it’s so easy for me to do things when I know God himself is the only one who can do it. I always see in my head that God is more like a mentor rather than my God. I see Him as human–bound by human boundaries. But God’s love and power has NO BOUNDS! NONE! He can do ANYTHING! As a child, it was easier for me to view Him as a magician, only His tricks were real and they lasted.  Now, I think I see Him the same way…because it makes my faith easier. Faith isn’t something that’s meant to be difficult. God made it easy so that we would turn to Him & find refuge. Why do we as humans make following Him so difficult?”

I was speaking to one of my friends the other evening and she was telling me of some family disputes going on and my question for her was “have you prayed for the situation?” to which she replied with a no. We talked about it for a bit and we came to the realization that when bitterness is harbored, it’s sometimes harder to pray for a person/situation, when in reality, that is when we need to be praying the most. We call these actions we do selfish and stubborn; selfish because we almost don’t want them to feel this love and stubborn because we’re to prideful to take the problem to God.


I am SO HAPPY. I have found myself SO wrapped in God’s love. It’s so great. He and I have been in constant companionship. I know He is always with me, but recently it’s been… overwhelming. I was just telling my friend Seth that it feels like I’m in a bubble of God.. Like how Glinda travels by bubble. I feel like that’s how I’ve been too. It’s beautiful.
I love Jesus.
New Blog coming soon.

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