Closing the Doors…and reflection.

This summer is coming to a quick close, and as of about noon next Monday, August 23rd,  my summer will be unofficially over. I will go back to the Naz for LEAD Week (formerly SLC week) for Admissions and Small Group Leader stuff.

This time last summer was super bittersweet, as I was leaving home for the very first time. Now, as I look back, I have changed so much as a person. My relationship with God has reached a new level and my view on life has changed tremendously. I’ve made MANY MANY new friends and, of course, have lost touch with many old ones. I’ve changed the way I dress and the way I approach many situations.

This summer, however, has been one of renewal and relaxation. While I do work basically every day I’m home, I have learned a lot of what it means to be a leader at work and have learned to respect those in authority over you, even if you know they aren’t always making the most educated decisions.

While I am fully prepared to go back to the Naz, I will treasure this summer for being one that has renewed in me peace, acceptance, love, and, daresay, some patience!

I’ll miss the endless walks around town, chatting about anything under the sun. I’ll reminisce on the times we laid on random porches, laughing and talking and crying until the wee hours of the night. I will remember the dinner/movie dates with the best friends God could ever give a girl. I will miss the nights of breaking curfew at camp just to take a walk or to watch a movie in the new cabin. I’ll forever love the times I spent with my family and the first summer I’ve had with a toddler in my regular life. 🙂 And of course, stargazing with people who mean the world to me.

Just a few regrets-not telling people what they mean to me, not spending more time with Gannin, not exercising as much as I had planned, and not giving my heart away.
This summer has been great, and with only 7 days left, I can honestly say I am somewhat sad to see it end; I just know God has greater things for me at the Naz. In the next few days I will begin to pack, take lots of pictures, and say “see ya later” to many, many friends. Bittersweet? Yes. But I know great things are to come.

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